Bethel Amateur Radio Klub


How BARK Was Formed 
The Bethel Amateur Radio Klub was started in October of 2007 when a group of local amateur radio operators got together for coffee at Yolanda's restaurant and decided to organize a local Amateur Radio club. In a typical rural Alaska style the Officers were elected by a show of hands. The newly elected President, WL7BCT, handed out assignments and BARK was officially established. The a draft set of Bylaws was approved and Articles of Incorporation were filed several months later. In May of 2008 another election was held  and a Board of Directors were appointed. Charter members at the first meeting were: WL7BCT, KL1VA, AL1F, KL2AU (KL7AED), KL7KT, KM4KX(KL7II), KL7IOL and N5RMJ.

The Current BARK officers and Board of Directors are:
Mark Springer, WL7BCT, President
Joe Seibert, AL1F, Vice-President
Ken Eggelston, NL7SP, Treasurer
Norman Ayagalria, KL2IW, Secretary
Mona Jensen, KL2LA, Board of Directors
Allen DeSousa, KL7AED, Board of Directors
Royle Rogers, KL2IT, Board of Directors

BARK Articles of Incorporation

BARK Monthly Meeting Minutes
BARK meets on the first Wednesday every month at 7PM in various locations around town. The meeting information will be announced on the AL7YK repeater, KYUK Radio Tundra Drums and on this web site. Links to he minutes for each monthly meeting are posted below.
Monthly Meeting 12.5.07
Monthly Meeting 2.6.08