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About BARK
The Bethel Alaska Amateur Radio Klub,(BARK)is located in Bethel, Alaska. Bethel is approximately 400 air miles due west of Anchorage, Alaska and situated on the banks of the Kuskokwim River. BARK operates a 2 meter repeater on 146.10+  MHz with a PL tone of 114.8 Hz. The repeater call sign is AL7YK andf has a range of approximately 30 miles. BARK also operates a 2 meter simplex IRLP node (#3465) on 144.7 Mhz with a 114.8 Hz PL tone. 
BARK also supports public service events such as the Emergency Prepardness Drill, YKHC's Influenza Clinic and the Kuskokwim 300 Race.
BARK meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7PM in the Civil Air Patrol Hangar at the Bethel Municipal Airport. Anyone, amateurs or non-amateurs, are welcome to attend.
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Weekly Nets
BARK holds a weekly net every Sunday evening at 7:45PM (Alaska Time)on the AL7YK repeater. All amateurs are welcome to check in. The repeater is connected to Echolink on the AL1F-R node(14610). We will soon be rotating local hams as net control operator and a schedule will be published on this web site.
The Alaska State-wide Linking Net follows the local net at 8PM Sunday. The State-wide linking net may be accessed via the  144.7 MHz IRLP simplex node. Please remember to set your CTCSS tone to 114.8 Hz and that this node is simplex. You may not be able to hear other local hams as they check into the net.
The Alaska Morning Net can be heard on the AL7YK repeater every weekday morning from 9AM until 10:30AM. On Monday morning the ARRL Newsline is broadcast at 9:45AM.
This net is not automatically connected. If you wish to join the AK Morning Net simply key up, identify yourself and then press 9070 9for the Alaska Gatway). All connections will automatically drop after 30 minutes of inactivity. To force the link to disconnect at any time simply key up, identify yourself then press "73". 
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